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I enjoy providing consulting services regarding cultural changes within organizations that promote systemic positive growth. I work with small businesses or entrepreneur start-ups to help them lead their team and develop, cultivate, and fine tune their leadership skills.  I currently work with business leaders, mental health private practices, healthcare organizations, and community and nonprofit centers to help them create strategies to enhance their workflow and processes.  Enhancing organizational culture begins with empowering leaders and members. We will evaluate the individual needs and how the system as a whole serves those needs for staff members, consumers, and the communities that organization serves. 

Step 1

Evaluation of Individual & Systemic Processes

I work from a lens of attachment and emotional regulation to help leaders and organizations find the best way to understand the value of connection and buy-in to mitigate and decrease stress and burnout. 

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Step 2

Empowerment Through Conflict

I help leaders and organizations understand how to navigate the tricky nuances of communication through developing empathetic and value based communication skills rooted in evidence based tools and practices to promote positive growth and change within an individual or organization.

Step 3

Practical Learning & Implementation

I remove the clinical jargon and work from a person centered perspective to ensure that content, our workflow process, and action steps result in achievable and sustainable goals. 

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Hourly Consultant Rate: $100


I offer four various price models like the following which might provide flexibility in pricing and structure of the project for some clients:

Consulting Package Rate for Projects More than 5 hours: The price range for consulting on projects ranges usually between $1,000 to $5,000. 

Pay Per Project (pre-determined deliverables)

Pay Per Day (focusing on a single client or organization for a day)


Retainer fee (this is primarily for specific number of deliverables or monthly hours for continuous projects)

Let's Get Started

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