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One-on-One Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaboration between myself and you as my client to create the narrative for your life that you wish to see moving forward. We all feel stuck at times. --Yet, the answers we seek to heal and forgive ourselves and others are ready for you to unpack them. During therapy, we will construct new language and meaning to how you view yourself in the world.

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We all desire to belong. Fulfilling the innate desire within us as human beings to find a person or persons to share parts of our lives with can be rewarding and scary at times. Building healthy relationships entails building trust, communication, and developing a space in your partnerships where you can feel vulnerable and safe.  My job is to help you build a foundation in your relationship that can cope with the challenges that you might face on your journey to finding and sustaining love.

Couples Therapy
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Whether it is the family that we are born into or raised by other biological/non-biological people in our life, family dynamics play an essential part of the makeup of our identity.  As a therapist, it is important in our therapy session that I create an environment that is comfortable for all individuals in the family to ensure that we can work on and resolve issues that hinder growth, safety, and trust within the home.

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Everyone struggles to some degree with embracing parts of their identity. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community can often come with its own additional stressors, such as discrimination, gender identity issues, and difficulties finding a sense of belonging with family and friends. Although I realize that all members of the LGBTQ+ community may not share all aspects of this lived experience, it is my job to meet you where you are in exploring and processing how you wish to see your identity in the world.


I am not currently accepting health insurance 

There is a sliding fee scale of $85 to $130 for therapy services. I don’t accept health insurance currently.  Please contact me to discuss my rates, because I try to be equitable in providing services.  Please fill out the contact field to inquire about supervision, coaching, or consulting services and rates.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!  Click below to fill out a form and I will be in contact with you.

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