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We Should Love Who We See in the Mirror

The media is filled with all types of images of beauty. Standards of beauty can be so many

things based upon the culture of our origin and societal standards of aesthetics. However, this blog is about National Compliment Your Mirror Day (July 3 rd ). I honestly had never heard of this holiday or the significance of it until now. I found it interesting that there is a holiday that focus on the one object in our home that often may convey feelings of insecurities and low confidence. Ironically, this day is not about that. It is about the celebration of that awesome human standing in the mirror…YOU!

So, I say on this day and every day that we challenge the preconceived notions that we have

about ourselves and our identity in our mind and embrace the mirror before us to see the

beauty that the world is waiting to see. I do see beauty in every human, even though I may find it hard to see it within myself (I know it is always that way.). Nevertheless, I encourage you to talk to that awesome person standing in front of you and address yourself with love,

compassion, kindness, and a little bit of fierceness because you are so worth it. Let me know

what compliments you give yourself when you look in the mirror.

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Liga Lana
Liga Lana

Its a lovely story, make thing realise even for myself. Thanks.

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