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Pets & Our Mental Health

April 12th is National Pet Day. Hooray! I write this blog though in honor of all pet owners, regardless of if your pet has fur or not. I hope that your pet or pets brings you as much joy as mine does in my life. I could not imagine life without Bingo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). I remember when I first drove two hours to get him in Ohio. He was so tiny and fit in the palm of my hand. I never forget how scared he was to be taken from his home to transition to a life with me that he threw up in the car. It was at that moment, after taking care of this little accident and cleaning him that I knew that we were bonded for life. Just as adversity (big or small) causes us to grow closer to those that we love, Bingo did the same for me in that chaotic drive home with him in my car. Now, fast forward, and he has grown into a chill dog who loves to cuddle in your lap, roll over for all humans for belly rubs, and be the first to beat you to the kitchen hoping to receive a treat.

Pets have an unbelievable canny way of being able to attune to your emotions and help us regulate our mood. Whether it is a rabbit, bird, cat, or reptile our pets can be soothing and comforting. For example, pets can reduce muscle tension and lower blood pressure. The human need for touch is essential and animals instinctively crave that touch. In honor of National Pet Month for April, I would like to hear from you about why your pets mean so much to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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